I subscribe to this really great blog: Of Birds & Bees  and she posted this sort of questioning entry so of course I HAD to reply then found it was post worthy… below is my response.

I love this one…

Yes, I believe that God provided aphrodisiacs for humans and animals. Thing is, I believe that they function best in the bodies of those who need them least – healthy fit people. Our bodies function at its best when healthy and that includes sexually. An overweight man can increase his stamina and reduce premature ejaculation by dropping only 15% of that excess weight!

There are natural aphrodisiacs that we eat everyday in Jamaica like Plantain, not to mention Ocra or Oysters which we sing on about. Note though that there seems to be a shortage of synthetic ones, sure, concentrates of natural ones exist but still not sure about the synthetic ones – hold, I’ll Google it – found it, ONE exists – Bremelanotide.

Think about it, the world or at least the western world is sex obsessed, there is an abundance of “toys” to play with whatever fetish or need exists. These are so VERY widely used that Durex now does packages with toys included yet the only synthetic aphrodisiac was an accident in trying to make self-tanner? It must be God’s own doing to decide that man will not replicate this creation.

However, like all things, if used in the wrong context or abused danger lurks around the corner, Fatigue! Yes, too tired for anything especially sex… now who wants that present? Surely not me, I would like to be able to enjoy my husband daily and nightly thank you.

End Note:
If God had not intended for sex to be pleasurable and aphrodisiacs to assist us in enticing our spouses then the blog would not have existed.