I wish everyone was born with the ability to understand without being told a million times – My Hair is NOT a Toy!

I’ve heard the same responses over and over – why do long haired people hate when others touch their hair? then why have so much hair? and many similar statements. After feeling like I have had to explain the situation a thousand too many times I believe I should help out my fellow curlies and post a list for our friends of do’s, dont’s, whys and hows. . . .

1. Do’s

Do compliment us if you like how our hair looks today, we really appreciate it more than you think.

Do keep your hands out of it, it is not a toy.

Do sympathise with us if we lament about maintaining it (there’s a how to avoid this later down).

Do play in it if we ask you, or you can ask us – miracles do happen.

2. Dont’s

Don’t touch it if you want to remain our friend.

Don’t pull on a curl “to see it spring up”

Don’t try to fix an out of place strand – you will only make it worse.

Don’t ask if it is a weave – insult of the highest degree

Don’t suggest we chemically alter it (Creme, Relaxer, Jheri, etc…)

Don’t say you have hair “just like” ours, we know you don’t especially because of that statement.

3. Whys

Playing with our hair makes it frizzy

It can only be fixed by washing and combing and for most of us that takes time (for me an hour and a half to two hours)

No two curly cues are alike, and we know this – trust me, we do.

It really is NOT A TOY

4. Hows

Because we are mongrels – yup I said it, who vex?

Because we took care of it even when we didn’t feel like it

Most of us stopped going to hairdressers

No gel or mousse, just conditioner in it.

But seriously, it’s not out of vanity but practicality that we would rather you not touch our hair to the point that we wear buns everyday just to keep you out of it.