I have a problem, I have created both a wordpress and a blogspot blogging account. Why? well, because some dumb idiot decided to take my name and post only one post in 2005. I am sure this “Savannah” had all intentions on expressing her teen angst on several posts letting the world know she exists, she counts, she breathes, she lives. She simply wanted to matter by all looks of her one rant. It seems she chose not to begin a new one or do anything else with it. Am I disappointed that someone used my fabulous moniker and wasted it? Yes. Did I contact the wench? Absolutely. Have I heard from said wench? nope.

My dear friend suggests I report it for abuse and inactivity… maybe.

The problem now exists, do I stay with blogspot or move to wordpress? Truthfully, I have no clue. Let me show you the issue in point form:

1. Easy to use
2. Links to my Google accounts (BIG +)
3. There are more background/styling options available
4. It’s youthful chirpy and whimsical
5. No learning curve

1. Adult, Sophisticated, Businesslike.
2. Reminds me of Apple, minimalism is a feature.
3. Not many designs to express me
4. Have to learn to use it
5. I have more WP friends, but this is not a social network.

So what do I do? Blog at both until I can settle on a preference. That means this post will also be available at sc-squared.blogspot.com

Smiling at the irony,